WASD-LP Shutdown

Our Radio Station WASD-LP Going Off The Air

WASD-LP has been broadcasting Life Talk Radio to the Aiken, South Carolina community since 2003, after more than 11 years on the air the decision has been made to take the station off the air due to several factors.  Back 2001 our church bought some property about 4.5 miles from our current church and radio station with the intention of building a new, larger church.  In the interim time we have been raising money for the construction of a new church building.  Aside from getting a loan from our local church conference one of the ways to get part of the needed funds was to sell our current church building, where our radio station is also located.  After having our church building on the market for the last several years another church group has made an offer on our church and our church membership accepted the offer.  Building inspections and other “red tape” is currently underway before any papers are signed so we haven’t “moved out” yet.  The group buying our building has agreed that we could rent our building from them until our new church building has been constructed.


The church group that will be moving into our building in the near future stated that they did not want the radio station equipment to remain in the building after they move in since they will be using that room for other things.  The intention was to move our station to our new church property in the meantime or at worst, we would have to go off the air and wait until the new building was built; which may be the better part of a year once the construction work gets started.


In April 2014 an email from Life Talk Radio was received stating that because of the high cost in transmitting their signal through their current satellite they will be switching to another satellite and their current satellite transmission will cease after June 30th 2014.  In order to continue receiving the signal from Life Talk Radio we would have to point our satellite dish to a different satellite and we would have to purchase a new satellite receiver and a couple of other small pieces of equipment.  This was brought before our church board in May so that the purchase of this equipment could be authorized so our station would not go silent on July 1st 2014.  One of the board members brought up that the church board needed to reconsider the continuation the station, another indicated that the station has been in operation for 11 years and over the years the station has cost thousands of dollars to maintain with no results from the local community.  In the end, to try to save money, rather than spending more money on the radio station, the church board voted not to purchase the needed equipment to continue receiving the satellite signal from Life Talk Radio which means after June 30th 2014 our station will go silent.  According to the FCC rules when a station has been off the air for 10 days paperwork must be filed with the FCC to let them know a station is no longer broadcasting.  In June 2014 our church board voted to file this paperwork with the FCC after our station goes silent and to attempt to find someone to buy the station’s equipment.  Six months after the FCC paperwork is filed, it must be renewed for another six months if the station is not back on the air.  After those 12 months are up our station’s license will automatically expire and there will be no more WASD-LP.

In summary, the main reasons for our station shutting down are the following:


  • Continued operating expense with no visible results of listener interest.
  • Our church/radio station building being sold to another church who does not want the equipment in the building while we rent until our new building is constructed.
  • No facilities to relocate our station to, within the FCC distance rules, while our new church building is constructed.